If you are a newbie to blackjack, know that these little tips will benefit you, in addition to being easy to remember.

1.    Give The Dealer The Opportunity To Jump On His Own!

If you notice that the dealer has an open card with a face value of 4, 5, or 6 points, you will know that he is in an uncomfortable situation. It’s up to you to play with finesse, cunning, and foolishness.

Indeed, if the dealer has a flexible hand, it is quite possible that he will take the decision to draw another card (‘draw’) rather than stay on his game in order to get as close as possible to the number 21.

You should take this great opportunity to double your initial bet (make a ‘double down’) or separate your game (as far as possible) to get more winnings if the dealer should jump.

2.            Always Split Aces And 8s, Never 10s!

Alone, the ace is a very powerful card. If you have two, separate them so you can hit 21 twice.

Two 8’s will only give you one 16 point hand, one of the worst combinations.

That said, if you separate them, you may have the option of getting two 18s, reasonably strong hands.

Conversely, a combination of two 10s (a 20 point hand) is far too powerful to take the insane risk of separating them.

3.            Keep Your Hands Rigid!

If you have a rigid hand worth 17 points, you should stay on your game. Even if your chances of winning are minimal, you don’t need to risk jumping.

Even if the dealer has a crowned head (valet, lady, or king), an ace or a 10, it is better to camp on your positions at the risk of losing the round. Give the dealer the opportunity to jump or cross your fingers so that the game ends in a tie.

4.            Avoid Taking Out Insurance!

Some variants of blackjack will give you the option to ‘take out insurance’ against blackjack if the dealer’s open card is an ace.

In other words, you would get your original bet back if the dealer gets blackjack.

That said, certain statistics have shown that taking out insurance is only beneficial on very (too many?) Rare occasions.

Budget Management In Blackjack

Managing your budget wisely is of utmost importance if you have the hope of earning a plump sum of money. In general, we advise you to increase the density of your bets during a succession of winning moves.

Four Blackjack Tips For Beginners

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